Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Last week was music teacher insanity week.  I had my spring concert on Monday and took my choir to an all day choral festival at an amusement park on Saturday.  As much as I would love to say I managed to stick to my training plan, I didn't... some weeks I think in order to achieve family, work and fitness balance, something has to give.  Still... didn't do too badly.  Here's a recap:

Monday - Got up and did Masters Swimming.  Jamie took the kids to daycare so I could get to work super early to prep for the school day concert at 9:30 a.m.  Monday is early dismissal day and while I've never had a concert on a Monday before I quite liked having the extra time in the afternoon to make sure everything was set for the evening concert.  I ran for an hour at about 4:30, stopping at Subway to buy a six inch tuna salad on wheat for my dinner.  I must have looked a little silly for the last half mile running with my sandwich.  At any rate -- I got it in and the run calmed my nerves for sure!

Tuesday - Got up and cycled an hour while watching Desperate Housewives before the kids woke up.

Wednesday - Masters Swimming at 5:30am, then a 3 mile trail run before picking up the kids at daycare.  Love that I can park in front of the nanny's house and head straight to a trail in the woods.  Then I did 45 minutes of cycling intervals in the basement while Susanna watched Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix.  I also managed to answer parent emails during the recovery spins and even got in 10 minutes of The Daily Show on my iphone.  Multitasking at its finest.

Thursday-  Tried to do a tempo run at 5:30am but it was an utter disaster.  After the race on Sunday and the intervals the previous night, my legs were fried.  So.... 5.25 miles at a 10:30 pace. Ah well....  Got in a 45 minute easy spin while Susie watched TV that evening as well.

Friday-  Masters Swimming at 5:30 a.m. and FANTASTIC long run right after work.   The weather was gorgeous.

Saturday - Nothing.  But I went on a lot of scary roller coasters with the group I took around the amusement park.  I'm sure that got my heart rate up... does that count?

Sunday - My Ironman plan said to bike 3:30 and run :30.  It was Mothers Day.  I went on a 6 mile very very very slow bike ride WITH my kiddos in the trailer, and ran 30 minutes while my husband made dinner.  So I probbaly was supposed to ride about 50 miles more than 6, but whatever.  I probably would have bagged the run too, except Susie fell when we were out shopping and ended up in an ambulance and I needed to burn off some steam after that encounter.

Total Miles:
Swimming: 3
Cycling: 42.5
Running: 27

ON ANOTHER NOTE:  I did get my results from the triathlon last weekend and they make no sense.  My swim time makes sense.  My run and bike times do not.  For example it says my bike time was slower than my friend's bike time but she was out of the water before me and finished the bike after me so that isn't possible.  Then it says she had a slower run time than me which also isn't possible because her finish time was 2 minutes before mine and she started running after me.  So... maybe the bike time is really the run time?  So either I ran an 9:16 pace (slower than marathon pace?  Really?) and biked close to 20mph, OR the splits were mixed up and I biked about 17mph and ran about 8:10s.  Or I just foggeddabouddit.  :)

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