Monday, September 24, 2012

CIM Marathon Training Week 2

This was supposed to be posted Saturday but Blogspot wasn't working.  Anyhow....

Marathon Training Week # 2 is complete.  55 miles in 6 days.   Here’s a quick recap:

Easy Runs on MTWF ranging 7-9 miles

Speedwork Thursday:  Mile Repeats at 7 min pace with half mile recoveries (4 of those)

Long Run:  17 miles, 2:29:40.  I ran with Tuan and Brittany.  I think my easy run pace is more like 8:50 – 9:00.  I did the first three miles on my own around 9-9:15 since they were only doing 14, and ran the rest with them.  They averaged 8:35, and were pulling out 8:15-20s at the end.  I was no longer in “easy run” mode – but it’s probably good for me since some of the long run should be within 30-60 seconds of goal marathon pace (according to the Pfitz book…)

One thing I have to address:  my weight.  I’m not sure how I managed to gain 8 pounds training for an Ironman, but I did.  Sure, I’m still in the healthy weight range, but I’d really like to get back to what I was last March – "racing weight" - since it will make the faster pace feel easier.   So how do I lose weight running 55-70 miles a week?  It’s tough because I’m usually starving.  Starting Monday I will be tracking everything on My Fitness Pal so I can get a better idea of what's going into my body.  I have a feeling I am eating pretty badly -- too much sugar.

All my runs this week were done before 6:45am (weekdays) and 9:30am (long run) – however, 5:15am is my limit for getting out the door, as I have to have a bit of buffer time for traffic lights and potty breaks, so next week when the mileage gets longer I will start doubles.  Heavier mileage in the morning and an hour or less right after work a couple days a week.

Somehow Jamie and I are managing to train for marathons at the same time.  He is doing Philly two weeks before I do Sacramento.  He runs right after work (3:00pm) and can get in 6 miles and still pick up the kids.   If he has to run longer I can pick them up.  On Saturdays I finish by 9:30am and take the kids to swim lessons (okay, I take Susanna to swim lessons, drop off Jack at the day care, and sit in the hot tub) while Jamie does his long runs.  We both get our 6 day of running in that way.  As a general rule Sunday is our family day.  I’m always jealous of people who get to run with their husbands, but without any family nearby it is pretty much out of the question for us.  

Grandpa (my dad) is coming the weekend of the Philly marathon and taking the kids because he is awesome.  I told Susanna he was coming so Daddy could go do his race.  She looks at me and says "Is his race a long race like yours, or a short race like mine?"  (She was referring to her Ironkids 1 mile run, and the Ironman I did the next day.)  "Well Susanna, his race is a marathon, so it's pretty long, but not as long as the race I did."  She says, "So he won't start when it's dark, and race all day til it's dark again, and then have to go to the doctor because the race makes him sick?"  I had to crack up.  I do try to set a good example of fitness for my kids.  Apparently ending up with in IV right after they cheer you into the finish didn't exactly make an impression of good healthy living on my three year old.  

62 miles planned for next week.  That will be the most I've ever done in a 6 day period.  

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  1. You are a machine! That mileage is incredible. I gain weight when I'm training for marathon and I read somewhere, that it's your body storing fat in anticipation of the long runs etc. Who knows. Frustrating though. Well done on the training!