Sunday, June 16, 2013

I May Or May Not Be Training For an Ironman

I know I said I wasn't going to do an Ironman this year.  My plan was to really focus on running shorter distances and get some PRs on the 5K - Half Marathon.  AND... since that isn't going to happen, I guess I'm kind of sort of training for an Ironman.  Or an Aquabike.  I mean, yeah, I could do some centuries, but they aren't really races.  And I'm doing all this swimming. So I might as well.

No, I'm not paying for anything yet.  I'm not going to register til the last minute.  So obviously that leaves out "Ironman" branded races, and whatever on that.  I'm looking at races that I can Aquabike if (probably) necessary.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be Chesapeakeman -- perfect timing, since the taper will begin right when school starts back up, and it's cheap (less than $300, $400 if I run!), flat, and about 2 hours away, on the eastern shore of Maryland.

So I'm loosely following a training plan, adding extra bike miles or pool running in the place of the runs for now.  If I'm cleared to run by July 8, it might be possible to do the whole thing by the end of September (because we all know it will be more of a jog/ walk marathon.)

If my doctor doesn't give me his blessing to run, however, Aquabike it will be.  My placing will be humbling, since I will be racing my two weaker sports only.  Every single tri I have done, my placing has improved with each section of the race.  I'm always in the last ten percent at the end of the swim, somewhere in the middle on the bike, and towards the top third after the run.  (Louisville was another story -- finished right smack bang in the middle, but even then the run is what got me out of the second 50%.)

So.... I had a fantastic weekend!  I have really missed my running buddies, and was a little depressed that the running club (DSG, the close knit group marathon training group I've been with since it's inception 6 seasons ago) had its first Marine Corps Marathon training run Saturday morning.

Instead, I met up with a member Mom's Run This Town who also got injured in February.  She also still is unable to run.  She also qualified for Boston in the fall, also did her first 50K this winter, and also was training for Shamrock.  (I would love to say she ALSO runs the same pace as me, but in all humbleness, she is a lot faster than me and her marathon time smoked mine by 20 minutes.)   It was GREAT to chat to someone going through the same thing.  We walked the 5 mile Burke Lake Trail Loop and I had Jack in the jogger, and I actually worked up quite a sweat.

Then today I woke up at the crack of dawn to get in a long ride with a girl from my riding group.  It was great to meet a new riding partner, and get out on the roads in Loudoun wine county, where I did most of my Ironman training last summer.  I loved those rides.  Bales of hay, mountain views, horses, and vineyards... a little piece of heaven, just a few miles from busy DC.  We got in 60 miles, and we were done before 11.  Here's a picture from the 7-11 in Lovettsville, our halfway point:

Beautiful mountain views, and a Pina Colada Slurpee!

I had parked near the pool in Ashburn, and met Jamie and Jack there for lunch and some outdoor pool time.   Then I took him shopping and to the park so Jamie could get in a long run, and also to get the ingredients for whatever-meal-his-heart-desires-for-Father's-Day (turned out well, will put on the food blog.)

I am so, so thankful I can get outside for most of my exercise now.  Take THAT, stress fracture!  You will not keep me down!

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