Sunday, September 15, 2013

Race? WHAT?

I haven't raced since February.  That was the race where I broke my hip.  After 2012 gave me PR after PR, and I've dealt with a major injury, I've been afraid to race again.  Afraid of another injury.  Afraid of a time that will kill my confidence, with paces far slower than where they were in the past.  Afraid of disappointing myself, because really, who else cares?

So.... I've got a triathlon on the calendar.  Next Saturday.  It's basically a Half Iron, except I"ll be biking 65 miles and running 10.  It seemed like a good distance because I've been biking more than running.

Some random thoughts on my training:

1.  I haven't really followed a plan.  The swimming started soon after the injury.  The biking was the best way for me to get cardio when I couldn't run.  Since I"ve started running again, I've slacked a bit on the long rides.

2.  I did do a century three weeks ago, and an impromtu 100 mile ride the week before we left for the beach.

3. I think I have done one brick, and I only ran two miles afterwards.

4.  I haven't done any tune up races.  In fact, I haven't done a triathlon since the Ironman.

5.  I have done one open water swim in total since 2012.

6.  I haven't used my wet suit in over a year, since none of my races were wet suit legal last year.

7.  Despite marked improvement in swimming this winter, I seem to have forgotten how to swim.  This seems to have happened when we went on vacation to North Carolina.

8.  My taper kind of started 6 weeks ago, when we were in North Carolina.

9.  I did run 20 miles in one day a few weeks ago.  Not all at the same time.

10.   I ran a half marathon for fun yesterday (did not race it, and kept the pace completely conversational for all but the last two miles) and still finished in 1:55, and that included stopping to call 911 for a fallen runner and waiting with her for awhile.  I'm guessing my overall pace was 8:30, which surprised me.

11.  I pulled my hamstring ten days ago, in what was supposed to be "peak week."  I didn't run for 3 days.  It seems to feel okay now, just a little achey.

12.  I finally bought an aero helmet.  I still have a ridiculously entry level bike without race tires.

13.  In consideration of my husband, I abandoned the double long ride/ long runs weekends.  I usually did one or the other.  Because, really, training for a triathlon properly when you work full time and have two children is recipe for a divorce... no one should be stuck with the kids that long.

So.  We will see how this goes!

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