Monday, June 11, 2012

90 miles and 90 degrees

First of all, this weekend was insane.  It was a LOVELY weekend, really, but insane.

On Saturday the elementary boys running club I coach had their 5K, so the day began with a 6 a.m. wake up call (which sadly for me is sleeping in) and a trip to Sterling, VA.  It was great fun, my running buddy pulled off a sub-26 time, my husband got third place overall, a few of my co-workers and my boss ran with some of the other boys, and even my dad ran with one of the kids.  I still needed to get in another 90 minutes, and Jack's birthday party was at 3:30 p.m., so I ran 9 miles from the shopping center parking lot as soon as the race was over, picked up the party supplies, raced home and cleaned for two hours straight (er, stuffed everything in the living room into our bedroom and shut the door tightly), then entertained 12 children and their parents until 7:30 at night.  The weather was great for a kiddie pool/ water table/ barbeque party and really couldn't have gone better.

My dad wanted to go on a long bike ride and I needed to get in some good mileage anyhow so we planned to do the W&OD loop beginning in Alexandria, out to Purcelville and back.  Except my dad didn't want to do all 90, so he said he'd do 65 and meet me in Sterling.  Jamie was supposed to do all 90 with me, but in the morning he said he was too tired so I drove the car to Alexandria on my own started the ride at about 8:45.   The men (the hubs and my dad) met me at the 25th mile and we headed up to Purcellville.  The trail was pleasantly quiet and as the temperature rose from the mid 80s to the mid 90s, it became nearly empty of joggers, walkers and leisure cyclists.  Much better than the first Sunday afternoon in the mid-70s when I couldn't go faster than 8mph because half of DC was meandering along the trail.

The scenery is gorgeous on the western end of the trail and I was having a nice time with my dad and my husband although our paces are completely different.  Jamie was hammering it at 19mph, my dad was going at about 14, and I was somewhere between 15-16.  Despite his fast pace, Jamie said he was "buggered" and decided to pack it up when they passed their car again (giving them a sum total of 40 miles instead of 65.)  I was on my own for the 25 mile stretch back towards the city.

The thing about 94 degrees on the bike is that I don't really notice it until I realize that I am void of all energy.  I went through three entire 42 ounce water bottles by the time I hit 80 miles.  The last 10 miles were basically downhill and still felt tough.  I felt a lot better at the Casa River Century (mid-70s) than I did on this ride, even though it was shorter.  When I got back to the car I still had 40 minutes until my family was supposed to show up at at he Capitol City Brewing Company for a post-long ride meal, and the plan was for me to do a 30 minute brick run.  I packed up my bike and stuck it in the back seat, ate a packet of Gu Chomps, took in some water, threw on my running shoes and headed towards Shirlington.  I ran for three minutes and spotted the Brewing Company.  I really needed to use the bathroom.  I figured I could use their facilities and then finish up my run.

Except then I saw the ice cold beers and the free soft pretzels.  And the $5 chicken wings.  And the outdoor tables.  And it was really just too tempting.  So I used the restroom and asked for a table for 6.  And I sat there for the next 30 minutes and thought about what crazy says they are going to bike not 90 miles in 90 degrees, but 112 miles in the hottest month of the summer, and then run a marathon afterwards.  Because I did not want to run a marathon right then.  Not at all.

The ride alone zapped my energy.  I came home and I fell asleep.  Today was a rest day and it was much, much needed.

Please someone tell me I will feel like running a marathon after my swim and ride on August 26th.  Please.

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