Thursday, June 28, 2012


The plan - 10 miles with the last 10 minutes at 10K race pace.  The result = BONK.

The predicted high was 103 today, so I decided to get out in the morning before the high temps really set in. I hoped to do this run at around a 9 minute pace.  It was 77 degrees at 9am when I planned to head out the door, but Jack was unbelievably fussy so I ended up not leaving until 10.  By that time it was 85 degrees, which sadly feels pretty cool compared to what we've had out there lately. 

I set out to do the first part of the run on pavement, and my legs felt like lead.  Sometimes this happens in the first mile, but I usually feel better after that.  Not so.  I glanced down at my watch and the pace was still nearing 11.  Ugh.  I was listening to a book on tape which I often do to slow my pace when I'm supposed to be in "easy run" mode, but this felt hard.  My heart rate was up to 130 which was higher than where it was was two days ago when my pace was 8:30.  The sun was beating down, and I was thrilled when I got into the park and was able to run on trail in the shaded woods.  

My parents live on Eagle Creek, which is an amazing park/ lake/ wildlife refuge.  The trail is stunning, and I was able to go a little faster once I got out of the sun, but I still wasn't feeling great.  The views were beautiful --  that was the best part about today.  I had to stop to take this picture, party because I saw a deer and partly because I was tired of running.  (The deer ran away but you can kind of see him behind the big tree.)  

Eagle Creek Park - Ornithology Center

Finally the last ten minutes came.  Time to book it.  My heart rate climbed to 165 but I couldn't get my pace much below 9.  Then I started cramping, possibly due to dehydration.  I had stashed my Gatorade behind a tree at the park's entrance because I didn't feel like carrying it; a bad idea perhaps?  When I arrived at that tree I was still a half a mile from my parents house.  I tried to run.  My legs didn't want to run anymore.  So I walked instead.

Total.  Bonk.

I don't have runs like this very often, but they put me in a tizzy.  I'm not quite sure why I felt so terrible.  I only biked a couple of hours yesterday, I ate a decent breakfast, I got more sleep than normal since I didn't have to wake up at an insane hour to run before the kids woke up (thank you Grandma and Grandpa!)  I get scared that this will happen on race day.  I'd love to say it was all mental but my heart rate monitor begs to differ.  10 minute miles were in zone 3, not zone 1 like they normally are.

Since we have the Louisville Tri-Camp this weekend and the predicted temperatures are 106 for Saturday (when we swim and bike the entire 112 mile course) and 103 for Sunday (when we run one of the 13.1 mile loops) I am declaring tomorrow a rest day.  Perhaps I just haven't been getting enough recovery time in.  I also was "supposed" to swim and do weights today, but opted instead to go to the Children's Museum with my children and take a boat ride at sunset.  Jamie made salmon on the grill.  It was 103 degrees at 7:30 but we ate on the deck anyway.  And it was good.

Sunset at 9:00 p.m!  I LOVE the end of June!

It's been a great week at my parent's house and I'm sad it is coming to a close.  We love to visit them any time of the year, but summer is especially lovely as we can spend time with them AND swim/ boat/ kayak/ bike/ trail run.  Can't summer last forever?!?

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