Monday, July 23, 2012


Here are last week's stats.

Total Workout Time:  About  19 hours
Total Running Time:  About  6 and a half hours
Total Cycling Time: About 8 and a half hours
Total Swimming Time:  About 3 and a half hours

Mileage:  189

I am tired.

Yesterday was a big workout day -- I biked close to 95 miles and then immediately ran another 6.5.  I actually felt okay afterwards -- I met Jamie and the kids for a post-brick recovery meal at Whole Foods, then I took Susanna shopping at Trader Joe's, made dinner, put the kids to bed... I felt pretty normal.  Today  is supposed to be a rest/ catch-up-on-laundry-cleaning-and-everything-else-I've-neglected day.  And so far... I have had a nap.  I tried to do a little bit of reading while Jack had his nap, but I fell asleep instead.  When he goes down for his afternoon nap, I might sleep again.  Right now he is throwing the folded laundry I never put away around TV room and I am letting him.

I am really tired.

Two more weeks of this insanity training and then I hit the major taper, which I think will be a nice way to spend my final weeks of summer holidays.  I have also tried to fix my long runs and rides so they don't happen while we're at the beach next week, other than a long run on the last day we are there since I can wake up super early for that and then relax on the drive home.

I am really, really tired.

HOWEVER -- it was a successful week of training and if I can do what I did this weekend -- run 16 miles on Saturday under a 9 pace, and then cycle 96 miles and brick run 6 at a little over a 9 pace -- I am pretty sure I can finish the race, barring any illness/ disqualification/ bike failure.

So I will take three weeks of mad training and feeling really, really, really tired.  We're almost there.

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  1. Hi, Gretchen. I'm enjoying your blog and the pictures.

    Rest up, girl!

    Wow, the beach. Jealous.