Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Whether the weather be....

I signed up for this marathon back in March after the weather for the Rock 'n Roll USA Marathon ended up being close to 80 degrees after training in winter temperatures.  Having virtually no time to acclimate, it definitely affected my race.  So when I signed up for California International Marathon, I knew it wouldn't be hot.

But I still have bad race weather karma.

Let's look at my 2012 races.

JFK 20K.  Despite a winter with hardly any snow, we had a blizzard that morning.  Thank goodness for YakTrax.

Burke Lake 8K - Rainy and Muddy.

Rock 'n Roll USA Marathon - Sunny and 78 degrees, despite perfect marathon conditions the previous weekend.

Peasantman Olympic Triathlon - Drizzle.  Not bad.

Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon - Pefect Weather!

Musselman Triathlon.  MONSOON!  Windy and DOWNPOUR.  Cloud to ground lightening on the bike portion.  85 degrees and humid during the run.

Ironman Louisville - 96 degrees.  The weekend before was a perfect high of 82.  But no, I get 96 degrees.

Heritage Half Marathon - Perfect Weather!

(Apparently I have a lot of luck with half marathons.... everything else, not so much.)

AND NOW... the predicted weather forecast for the marathon I have been working towards for the past 12 weeks...  RAIN!  WIND!  FLOOD WATCH!!!

The good news is -- it won't be hot.

Musselman definitely had the worst race weather I have ever experienced, and ironically my fastest bike split pace of any triathlon I've ever done.  Perhaps this because I pedaled like crazy to avoid getting hit by lightening and to just be done with it?  So maybe if it is raining it will motivate me to get the race over with?

Wet socks.  Ugh.  That's what I'm not looking forward too.

MAYBE.... just maybe... the forecast will change. And hey, it won't be a hurricane like they had in NYC.  It could be much worse -- I could have flown across the world for a non-marathon, as many, many folks did a few weeks ago for the NYC marathon.  Nope, I'm just looking at bad weather.

And as we used to sing at Aloha Camp:

"Whatever the weather we'll weather the weather, whether we like it or not."

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