Saturday, December 1, 2012

Here we go...

Well I'm here.

This is my tenth marathon. My first marathon in Chicago 2006 was cold (starting temps near freezing,) windy, and wet.  The leader slipped on the timing mat and hit his head, causing a big confusion over who actually won the race since his entire body did not cross the finish line.  I personally ended up in the med tent with hypothermia.

So it is only appropriate that for my tenth marathon, the weather forecast brings 20mph winds, torrential downpours, and possible flooding.  It will certainly be a mental challenge.   I sincerely apologize to anyone who signs up for the same races as I do, because my bad race weather karma follows me wherever I go.

I'm having a fantastic weekend with my son, sister, and mother.  Jack traveled well, we had an amazing champagne brunch this morning in San Francisco, and are staying at a lovely resort hotel right near the start line in Folsom.  I had no idea when I picked the hotel, but they offer a free shuttle to the start and a VIP heated tent with (wait for it, wait for it...) private port-o-potties. If you know me, you know how important this is before a race.  So I am feeling blessed.

Here we go.

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