Monday, December 31, 2012


Before my children were born, I ran mostly for the social aspect of it.  I never did speedwork, I never did long runs without other people, and they were pretty much run-walk gossip sessions with my girlfriends. In 2010 I did get into triathlon (by default, after breaking my foot), and I enjoyed them, but my goal was always just "to finish."

Following Jack's birth, I was 40 pounds overweight and running slowly wasn't getting me anywhere in that department.  I even trained for a sprint triathlon, which I completed when he was ten weeks old, but I hadn't lost a single pound since leaving the hospital.  I started monitoring my diet and doing intervals, which I read were great for weight loss.

Apparently they were also good for improving my speed.  A month later I went out for an easy 5 miler and was amazed to see that I, a former 10 minute miler, did it in 45 minutes.  I started training for a half marathon with the goal of breaking 2 hours.  I'd never really had any running time goals before, partly because I was afraid I wouldn't meet them.  That Thanksgiving I raced a 5 miler in 40 minutes -- an 8 minute mile!?!? - and just before 2012 I met my time goal and broke the 2 hour barrier - by 9 minutes!

2012 was e a year of goal-setting, goals I set throughout the year.

Goal #1: Break 4 hours in the marathon.
Goal #2:  Break 6 hours in a Half Ironman
Goal #3:  Do an Ironman.  No time goal.  Just do it.
Goal #4:  Win your age group in something.
Goal #5: Qualify for the Boston Marathon
Goal #6:  Do an trail ultramarathon.  No time goal.  Just do it.

So... a lot of miles, a lot of early mornings, and a lot of hard work went into the past 365 days. In March I did a marathon in 3:54.  In July I finished a Half Ironman in 5:34.  In August I did an Ironman.  In November I won my age group in a 5K and came in 2nd overall.  In December I qualified for Boston with over 3 minutes to spare and two weeks later I ran my first trail ultra.

I ran 2039 miles.
I cycled 2069 miles.
I swam 101 miles.

Of all my goals, I am proudest of #5.  You'd think it would be the Ironman, but it isn't.  Why?  Because I always knew I could do an Ironman if I put in the time to train.  But I never, ever in my wildest dreams thought I could qualify for Boston.  When they changed the qualifying standards from 3:40 to 3:35 around the time Jack was born, I just rolled my eyes and figured, hey, what's another 5 minutes when your best time is 48 minutes slower than a BQ -- why not make it 53?  Even when I lined up at the start for the race, I didn't really think I could do it.

This year has changed me in so many good ways.  Some might call it narcissistic, all the training I put in.  However, I believe it makes me a better person all around.  Conquering these goals has given me confidence I never knew I had.  I have found my runner's high, and that makes me happier, and a much better parent/ wife/ teacher/ etc.

Goals for 2013?  Let's see:

#1.  Do a much better job of cleaning the house.
#2.  Sleep more than 6 hours max per night.
#3.  Cook healthier food and stop eating Clif Bars for breakfast.
#4.  Limit Facebook to 4 times a day and stop leaving it on when cleaning the kitchen after dinner because then the kitchen never really gets clean.
#5.  Clean out the closets.

Oh wait, fitness goals?  I have some... not sure what they all are yet.  I'l save them for another post.  Til then...

Happy New Year -- May 2013 bring your good running, good times, good laughs and good company.


  1. Happy New Year. You had a great 2012 and I'm sure 2013 will be just as awesome.

  2. Congratulations on reaching all those amazing goals in 2012! Those are some serious accomplishments.