Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Tuesday

Oh what a day -- packed to say the least and I didn't even have anything planned. You know, other than normal. It looked something like this

5 a.m. Alarm clock goes off. I hop out of bed, throw on my running clothes and a headlamp, down the coffee waiting for me in the kitchen (thank God for automatic coffee timers), and grab the dog leashes. Just as I'm about to head out the door I hear Susanna tell me she's ready to get up and have Cheerios. Aurgh. We just got her a new alarm clock that turns green at 7 a.m. when she's allowed to get out of her room. I explained to her that I was about to go for a run and Daddy was in the basement practicing guitar so she needed to go back to sleep or play with toys. But no Cheerios til the alarm turns green. She bought that and went back to sleep. I run downstairs and turn the door nob. And I hear a piercing cry, but this time it's Jack. Aurgh again! Jamie has to absolutely be out the door by 6:45 and since he can't exactly nurse the baby I'm out of luck on this one. (Sidenote: he also nursed at 9pm, 12:40am, and 3:00am. Growth spurt?) I feed him with the dogs impatiently wagging their tails and wimpering to go out. 5:26am and we are finally out the door. I want to get in three miles and still get to the gym for weights and the dogs have a tendency to make even a recovery jog painfully slow by stopping and marking their territory, doing their business, and bounding in the wrong direction to catch the paper boy/ rabbit/ cat. Last week 3 miles took almost 40 minutes; this morning I manage to do it in 33. I release them into the basement, rip off my running tights, pull on shorts and hop in the car. I'm at the gym on my first machine at 6:10. I do three sets of all the major muscle groups, run out the door at 6:40 and make it home by 6:45 deadline... just. The kids are both asleep, so I have breakfast, take a shower and relax a bit. 7:30 and they are still asleep. How come that never happens on Sunday mornings? Finally at 7:40 I wake them both up since we have to leave by 8:10 for me to get to work on time. It's a mad rush to get out the door now but we manage.

Work is good but busy, with nine classes of teaching. I pick up the kids at 4:45 and head home where I get a crockpot meal ready for tomorrow and also make tonight's dinner while Jamie runs. Jack is chilling in the Excersaucer and Susanna helps me cook -- she has been really into that lately, bringing her little stool to the counter and tossing veggies in the slow cooker or stirring the sauce for the chicken. I'm so glad I switched my workouts to the mornings for most days of the week because I love being able to do these things with her.

After I get Jack to bed I run to the grocery store and get back around 9:30 pm. Now comes my least favorite part of the day -- getting everything ready for the morning. I am just not good at it. It takes me forever. I pack the kids lunches, my lunch, Jamie's lunch, get the coffee ready, pack the daycare bag (what do I need to remember Tuesday nights? Oh yeah Susie's ballet uniform...), get Susie and Jack's clothes out for tomorrow (pretty sure the outfit I laid out for Susanna doesn't match), pack my workout bag for my run after work tomorrow, and finally sit down at 10:30 to answer some emails and relax for a short while. Wednesday is my sleep in til 6:30 day...

And NOW... it's time for bed.

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