Friday, January 27, 2012

Priorities, priorities....

So Ex2 Adventures hosts an awesome 10 mile trail race series that coincides perfectly with my Ultra trail 50 miler. I'm supposed to do 10 miles every Sunday after my Saturday long runs, and the Ex2 trail runs are March 4, 12, 25 and April 1. No race the day after the marathon (March 17)... how perfect is that?

Except that the races are at 9am. And Sunday is Family Morning. We get up at 7 and make pancakes, and then at 9 we go to church. Susie starts Sunday School and Children's Choir in March when she turns 3. I can't just abandon my family for the majority of two months. And it's $150 for the series. Which is really reasonable. And also really a blow to our budget. (And I just dropped about $700 for USAT/ Ironman registration.)

But I really need to get my trail on! And I can't do the really technical trails with my jogging stroller. Ugh. Priorities. I can't do this.

So... DC Road Runners has a 12K Trail Race (free) on March 4. After much sighing I've decided to do the 12K FREE race (even though it's around Burke Lake which I have run around about a million times) and run the trails on my own. I can do 10 miles on those trails by myself earlier in the morning. Granted -- not as fun. But... free. And less draining on the family. AND I might register for the last one, since it's during my spring break. ($45... better than $150 :)

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