Friday, February 10, 2012


... my new awake time.   I have been a night owl all my life, but I have found that getting up before 5 has made me SO much happier.  I have energy for the rest of the day.  I have mental clarity and focus.  Why didn't I figure this out years ago?

I joined a masters swim team two weeks ago that meets MWF and I actually look forward to the early morning torture sessions.  There is no way I'd do this to myself without the coach or peer pressure.  For example today we did 200 meter sprints with 200 meter recoveries.  Three times.  If no one was watching and that was in my training plan I'd probably say "Whatever" and just do them all at a mediocre speed.  Instead I'm thrashing to get to the finish, out of breath

Swimming is different than running in that you can't talk to anyone.  Which frankly at 5:30am I am quite happy about.  I always have to jump out the pool and into my car as soon as the whistle blows to make sure I'm back for Jamie to get to work, but today he didn't have to leave until 8 so I chatted to a few folks.  Most are triathletes.  Almost all have kids.  One woman told me she has 8 kids.  8 kids!  Here I am thinking I'm so crazy doing tris with 2 kids, and she's got 8!  

Running happens before or after work.  This week I'm up to 30 on only three days of running.  Supposedly 16 in the morning (I'll see how far I can get before Jamie goes to choir festival.)  I have Jack booked into the gym childcare at 9:30 and my rule is I can only get in the hot tub if I get all 16 in.  I guess finish with the B.O.B. stroller if I have to.  OR the dreadmill.  We'll see how this goes. 

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