Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeling the "Energizer Momma" tonight...

It is 10:30pm and the Energizer Momma is still going.  And going.  And going.  But let's start from the beginning.

Alarm is set for 5am but I somehow wake up at 4:45 and can't get back to sleep.  I need to be on the treadmill by 5:20 at the latest to get my Yasso 800s (10 half  mile repeats) in so I decide to just get up and go.  Running clothes are on, about to walk out the door and realize Jack hasn't eaten since about midnight.  I either have to pump or feed him -- no way I can do a tough workout like this.  So I wake him up, get him fed, and hop in the car.  I'm on the mill by 5:35 -- not enough time for a warm-up and cool down so I abbreviate and do 3 minutes instead of 10, then start the repeats.  First one at 6:58 pace.  I don't even feel tired so I crank it up to 6:52 for the next 7.  I'm still feeling good at the end so I do #9 at 6:40 and #10 at 6:30 (I DID feel tired at the end of that one.)  I want to get in a one mile cool down but there isn't time. So I improvise when I get home right at 6:45 (my absolute deadline for when Jamie has to leave for work) and finish the workout by running up and down my street with the baby monitor for the last half mile. I'm back in the house at 6:59am, just in time for Susanna's alarm clock at 7.  Good to have the day's workout completely out of the way.  From 7-8:10 we're able to relax a bit and enjoy the morning before I have to get to work.

I'm a music teacher so there is virtually no sitting in my day.  On Tuesdays I teach 9 classes of children from K-6th grade.  On the days I don't exercise in the morning I always feel like I'm dragging but the days when I do really tough morning workouts I feel like I'm on a high - go figure.  I don't know how that works.  Anyhow between teaching, photocopying, scanning, and pumping I can't get everything done when I want to - I stay after work to finish some stuff up, grab the kids from daycare and praise the Lord that there is no traffic on my way home (no traffic in the DC metro?  Sometimes the stars are aligned.)

I walk in the door, stick the food in the oven (thank you Dinner Done - every month I sign up for a 3 hour kitchen session where I make 24 meals and freeze them.  Without that my family probably wouldn't eat the majority of the time.), and realize there are about 20 things we need for tomorrow at the grocery store.  So it's out the door again.  I knew there was a reason we bought a house next to Safeway.  If you count the number of trips I take a week...

Jamie calls me while I'm at Safeway and says Jack needs to eat.  So I rush out of there, feed the baby and put him to bed, get dinner on the table, and relax for the first time all day.

Except then Susanna starts screaming.  She pulls out a true temper tantrum.  Seriously.  I've never seen this before.  Wailing for almost an hour.  Doesn't want to eat her chicken strips.  Doesn't want to take a bath.  Doesn't want to go to bed.  Wants to watch a TV Show.  The child has been up since 7 and barely napped. However, she has no desire to go to sleep.  After bath and books I hear her turn her light back on and start to play with her trains.  10 p.m. and she is still going.  Perhaps she is the Energizer Baby.

Now I've got to get ready for tomorrow.  So... Susie and Jack's bag gets packed, four lunches packed, coffee set to brew, kitchen (somewhat) clean, my bag packed, kids and my clothes out, alarm set for 5am.

11 p.m. and I'm still not asleep.  I always seem to get a second wind at about 10:30.  You can make the night owl get up early but I'm sure you can take away the night owl tendencies.

Tomorrow will be much of the same adventure, except I'm swimming in the morning, I teach choir before school so I have only 20 minutes to get the kids up and dressed, and I'm (gulp) running 11 miles after school.  Crazy advanced marathon training plan... what was I thinking?

I think the batteries are just about ready to be recharged.  Until next blog... goodnight!

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