Thursday, March 15, 2012

California International Marathon

I just registered for the California International Marathon!  Why?

1.  It is in December which will give me time to recover from Ironman Louisville.
2.  It will NOT be close to 80 degrees, as is predicted for this upcoming marathon.
3.  The course is a net downhill....
4.  My sister lives out there and I convinced her to sign up.
5.  Hoping my brother will sign up too!
6.  It's always best to sign up for your next marathon BEFORE you finish the one you're signed up for so you can't chicken out when you are so sore you have to walk down the stairs backwards.
7.  Also having another race in the horizon will comfort me if I bonk, and will lesson the "post marathon blues."

On another note - I have a cold.  I can't taste anything so I haven't been eating much.  Which isn't good the days preceding the marathon.  

Cannot.  Stop.  Obsessing.  Over.  Possible.  Race. Day. Situations.

That is all.  Goodnight.

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