Monday, March 12, 2012

The Taper Has Begun

First of all, my legs are still sore from Sunday's race.  I think that will be my last "all out" effort until the marathon.  These legs need some serious recovery.  (Pretty happy overall with the "12K" race results though... 9th woman overall, 6th in my age group, 57:39 time.  I'd love to claim that I did the race at a 7:45 pace like it says, but my GPS proves otherwise.  The course was short.)

Tapering is a funny thing.  Two weeks ago I ran 62 miles in one week.  8 mile runs seemed like nothing, no big deal.  I cut my mileage in half last week but still did fast running. This week and next I've got easy runs only, my longest run being 8 miles this coming Saturday.  I ran 5 this morning and it felt like a big chunk of time whereas two weeks ago 5 felt like I barely ran.

Really it couldn't have come at a better time because the next two weeks are insane.  My daughter's birthday is Friday, her birthday party is Saturday and on the same day my school choir is singing the national anthem at the Washington Wizards game.

Thursday I am going to run with a co-worker right after work which means I GET TO SLEEP IN!  Until 7.  Hey, 7 is a lot later than 5.

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